Detox by Juchheim-News!!

Detox Day 14 … 🙂

Status at the moment:

-2 kg
-2cm size
It’s not that much…but we should consider that I do not have so much weight to lose.  I decided to make this detox  cure to feel and to see myself the effects in order to give you my best advices.
People know that I can only recommend a product if I am 100% convinced about.

Who is the detox for?

For those who want detoxin her body or consider a weight loss. People with chronic disease please ask your doctor first.
We do  not replace meals with, we eat 😉  The focus is on changing your bad habits, showing you a healthy diet. 
Il s‘ your health!
If you are interested in learning more, please contact me,
Tel: 00352 621 322 488.
More news from my detox cure coming soon …  😉


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