30. November 2016

Becoming consultant

 Who loves people and life, is at the right place as Beauty Consultant with Juchheim!



Hello and welcome to my page,

I am Pascale Meier, Beauty Consultant with Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics.

In the following steps I show you the tasks and advantages  as a Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics consultant.

Wish you a lot of fun while reading, and if there are still some questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindly yours,



The Dr. Juchheim Business Model


Our successful business model allows you at free timing to earn good money above average and to enjoy exactly the live in financial freedom that you have ever dreamt of.

Our exclusive effect cosmetic line, giving results in 4 minutes, enthusiates more and more customers every day.

A rejouvenanted skin appearance, voluminous lips, radiant eyes and amazing line and wrinkle reduction provide instant results with longterm effect. You as a beauty coach of Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics can show this effect everywhere and immediately to everybody. You certainly will amaze  interested people and delight them with joy about their new „me“.



Unique Advantages

Daily new customers without sales talk in less than 4 minutes. You simply hand over the Dr. Juchheim effect cosmetic, wait after application for 4 minutes and be delighted with another new thrilled customer who will daily recommend you to their friends. Our products help People to look georgeous at any age.

Online Shop

After subscribing you get your own online shop for free. How does it look like? Click here

Time Management

My home based business allows me to work when kids are in school. When I got started, the most important for me was to be present for my family, which is nowadays a luxury good.

You decide where and when you work. Your income depends on your activity.

Coaching & Training

I personally train my team, and give you all the informations and support needed.

You don’t have to be a salesperson!

Bonus & Incentives

You have the possibility to earn extra bonus and to participate at our incentives.

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