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Why annoying filling up eyelash extensions when it could become easier?


Long Lash Effect Serum


How to use Long Lash Effect Serum?

Use like an eyeliner. In the morning and evening apply one eyeliner stroke on each lower and upper lid, directly along the lash line. One stroke is sufficient. The use of the eyeliner pen is simple. With one single stroke the exact amount is applied, which can be absorbed by the lash root. No excessive serum remains on the lid or drip into your eyes.


How long should I use it?

3 months, morning & evening. Already after 2 weeks, the eyelashes begin to grow visibly.
The active ingredients in the serum have been tested for years and are very durable.


What should I consider after those 3 months?

After 3 months, an application of 2 – 3 times a week is mostly sufficient.


Where can I buy it?

You can buy the product either in my online shop or at a Juchheim consultant next to you to.
In this case, send a text or call me on: 00352 621 322 488





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