11. December 2016


General Information

Around 95% of the commonly cosmetic care products are remaining on the top of the epidermis.

Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics enters deeper into the skin an renews it within 90 days.

Already at 25 years of age the production of collagen is drastically reducing and the skin starts getting flabby. Skin Care and Anti-Aging treatments should ideally start already at the age of 20 to compensate to the deficits.

By using Dr. Juchheim Cosmetics products we can expect substantial improvements and sensational results!

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Some of our Bestsellers

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Serum 4 eyes

Contains 15 different peptides. Smooths and tightens upper and lower eyelids, promotes the synthesis of collagen, can reduce puffiness, lachrymal sacks and dark edges.

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Instant Lifting Eye Cream

The Instant Lift Eye Cream can provide an immediately visible smooth and shining eye part. Helps reduce wrinkles, eye rings, dark circles and swelling immediately. Absolutely essential if you want an immediate eye lift. The amazing result can last up to 8 hours.

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Filler 4 Face

Day-and-night anti-wrinkle care with filling effect.


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Organic Pearl of Sea Day & Night Cream

Gained from the sea, light as a souffle, but extremely rich, the luxurious Organic Pearl of Sea Day Cream enfolds its power to protect your skin during the day and to renew it from the ground up.

The extremly rich luxurious night cream on natural basis enfolds its power during the night

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  • Improvment of nutrient supply and dehydration of the skin areas affected by cellulite
  • Increased fat burning and shrinking of the fat cells
  • Firming of the skin tissue

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Lipo Sculp

The power effect is created by highly concentrated plant extracts and circulation-promoting raw materials. The interaction of these active substances contributes to the reduction of volume and substance of the skin, the structures are strengthened and harmonized.
The effect of the powerful cream can be comparable to a body lift.

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3 D Bodylift Ultra firming Body Cream

  • 3D firming for all body parts with signs of fatigue and dropping elasticity.
  • Innovative complex with vegetable extracts, peptides and lipids to energize saggy skin.
  • Your skin appears firmed and gains a velvety-soft structure.

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CannaPur Complete contains a decarboxylated hemp extract in oil with the natural spectrum of valuable ingredients. The hemp used comes from legal EU-certified Cannabis sativa L. seeds.


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