Relax & Dream :-)

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Relax & Dream Spray 🙂

Food supplement with melatonin, Ashwagandha root extract and L-tryptophan


Relax & Dream


1 bottle contains 30 ml of liquid. This is enough for 30 days.
1x 8 8 sprays (equivalent to 1 ml) per day is the recommended dose.





Relax & Dream Spray is sprayed in the mouth. The natural ingredient melatonin helps to reduce the time of falling asleep, preferably when 1mg melatonin (equivalent to 8 sprays) is sprayed into the mouth before sleeping. Furthermore, melatonin contributes to the alleviation of the sensation of subjective jet-lag.

Melatonin is rapidly absorbed through the oral mucosa. Valuable plant compounds and L-tryptophan are further ingredients in the high-quality Relax & Dream Spray.

Relax & Dream Spray can also be applied after brushing, as there is no sugar in the spray.

Warning note: Not suitable during pregnancy and lactation, for children or adolescents. Do not use immediately before driving or work.





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