The Dr.Juchheim Diet

The Dr.Juchheim Diet



The Dr. Juchheim diet is not a new crash diet.

On the contrary – you should fill your plates with food rich in bioactive plant compounds. Special, natural supplements support you on your way to a dream and feel-good figure – without calorie counting and starvation.

The Dr.  Juchheim Diet is based on the new scientific findings of molecular and microbiology.

♠ Activation of fat burning enzymes (sirtuins).

♠ Elimination of the body’s energy-saving program and the yo-yo effect.

♠ Strengthen your muscles and increase fat burning.

♠ Correct the intestinal flora with slimming bacteria.

The Dr.  Juchheim Diet is for those who have failed with fake diets and low calorie diets so far.

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