Welcome Hair Man

It is amazing!

Three months are between those two pictures. This man applied WELCOME HAIR MAN.

How does it work?

Welcome Hair Man is a novel special care serum on vegetable basis, offering a completely new approach when in comes to hair. The serum contains a new, vegetable saponin polyphenol complex with an 8-fold active concept. The power serum can energize hair, stimulate growth, prevent hair loss and care for more voluminous hair.

The highly active substances of vegetable origin support and boost the natural hair growth, protect hair follicles and bring hair to life.

What is the active concept?

  • Increase of blood circulation and improvement of nutrient supply.
  • Anti oxidant protective effect and stimulation of natural growth factors.
  • Increase of growth phase of the hair and activation of hair growth.
  • Strenghtening and volume increase of the hair.


Where can I order?

You simply order in our online shop www.Inshape.lu or, contact me on +352 621322488.

Personal advice and support is included 🙂




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