What does our skin need after 30?

What does our skin need after 30?





Well, just between you and me – we’ve all committed one or two beauty sins, haven’t we 😉 ….
Not taking off your make-up when you go to bed, not drinking enough water, too much alcohol … well, you get caught? It happens sometimes, and it’s no big deal.


However, the day comes when our skin no longer forgives us so easily. While we used to look fresh and crisp despite everything, today we are punished with impurities and sallow skin.
From the age of 30 onwards it becomes an issue 🙂


Age is only a number! Yes, but I would gladly do without blemishes, expression lines and pigmentation disorders, wouldn’t you?
Fact is: Over the years, our skin changes and so do its needs.





Here are my 5 tips for you:

  1. Cleansing with tonic (without gin 😉 Facial toner, tonic water
  2. Regular enzyme peelings to cleanse and renew the skin (1x week)
  3. Serums and their power substances like hyaluron & peptides
  4. the right cream for every time of day (feel free to ask for advice on this)
  5. Drink enough water!



These are my 5 tips for today to keep your skin firm and elastic.
Our focus should not be on rejuvenating the skin, but on preventing skin ageing.


Yours, Pascale



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