My why ;-)

Very often people want to know why I took the decision to quit my job for a network marketing company.

My “why”:

I didn’t start my own business to laze around at the beach with my smartphone but to spend more quality time with my children. It was important for me to be present and being able to do things like waking them up in the morning, having lunch together, being home with them after school, playing together, and yes, doing some housekeeping too. 😉 In fact, all I desired, was to have a real family life.

Sounds very simple…but nowadays, in our busy and stressful working life, family has become a luxury.

Working as consultant allows me to choose where and when I work, which means in my own case, that I adapt my timetable to the kid’s class schedule.

If you seriously plan to work in the network marketing business, you should check and choose carefully the company you want to work for, as well as the products you intend to recommend, because it is a MUST to be convinced 100% about the products you intend to sell. It should not be a simple job, but a PASSION. 🙂

Working in the network marketing business is not the right way for everyone. Some people believe that it is a “fast way” to make a lot of money with a low time investment and therefor get disappointed quickly when it doesn’t work out. So, they stop their business before it really started.  It is very important to know that you have to build up your company step by step. A good structure, as well as discipline and patience are a must. That way you will be able to create something amazing.

So what is my personal passion? It is Juchheim Cosmetics.

I am 100% convinced about the products. (Yes, I tried them all :-D) The marketing plan is easy and the compensation plan very attractive 😉 But the most important point is that I have my family around.

Why do I tell you this? My ambition behind these few lines is to let you know more about my person and major goals.

In case you became curious and want to know more about my job and the marketing plan, do not hesitate to contact me.

I wish you a successful week.

Kisses ♥



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